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DSSS, Highfield, Auchengray, Carnwath, Lanark ML11 8LW


Dutch Spotted Sheep Society (DSSS) is the official Breed Society in the UK for the breed. It is a Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO) governed by a Constitution and has DEFRA, Scot Gov, DEARA and NSA approval. The Charity registration number is 1171992.  The Society was formed in 2016, to bring together like-minded breeders and enthusiasts and to provide a professionally run body to organise pedigree registrations, a flock register and to promote the sheep through education, shows and events.  

Membership Fees:

•    Initial joining fee from 1st February 2022, £90 including VAT  [which is £50 for flock registration and £25 for annual membership plus VAT]
•    Annual membership renewal £30 including VAT  [this is £25 plus VAT]
•    Annual associate membership £30 including VAT  [this is £25 plus VAT]  
•    The DSSS membership year runs from 1st May to 30 April
     All fees due to DSSS to be paid in Pounds Sterling

Please note, all fees must be paid before any request for membership, registrations or transfers can be processed
Bank Details: TSB 6 Queensberry Square, Dumfries DG1 1BL
Sort Code 87-70-41     Account number 84054162

Sheep Registration
The 2022 YEAR LETTER is F and tag colour is PURPLE
Advance notice - the 2023 year letter will be G and tag colour is yet to be decided.
DSSS Lambing Year runs from 1st February and all lambs should be registered by 31st December in the year of birth
Tag colours 2019 Blue, 2020 Orange, 2021 White and 2022 Purple
All sheep born in 2020 and after, presented for sales must be tagged with official Caisley eartags.

Registrations can be done online - please CLICK HERE
You will need your 3 digit flock number and individual 4 letter access code for login.  If you have mislaid these, please contact DSSS, [email protected]

If you are unable to register online, registration forms can also be downloaded, please CLICK HERE 

Registration Fees
•    Ram lamb registration £24 including VAT  [which is £20 plus VAT]  
•    Ewe lamb and graded ewe lamb registrations £7.20 including VAT  [this is £20 plus VAT] 
•    Transfer fee £3.60 including VAT  [this is £3 plus VAT] 
•    Fees for late registrations are automatically doubled

•    Imported sheep, any age £96 including VAT  [which is £80 plus VAT]
Relating to imports -  Imported sheep can be registered at a fee of £96 (including VAT).  Any females not kept by the importer for 18 months or males for 12 months will be subject to a further fee of £192 (including VAT).  The agent is the person whose name appears on the import licence.  The member who submits the registrations is the importer.

All fees must be paid at the same time as application for membership or registrations etc. 
Invoices will be emailed to you for your records.