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Royal Highland Show - Report

Overall Champion - Barquhill Faith from Robbie Jackson Reserve Overall Champion - Sunnybank Good 4 U from Mr Henry Jewitt 1st Prize Ram over one Shear - Tiptop Charlie, Mr Ali Tiptop

Dutch Spotted vendors continued to show their support of the breed after last years’ debut at the Royal Highland Show. The sun shone on Ring 8 on Thursday afternoon and judge, Allen Shortt, got down to business. After much deliberation, the overall championship was awarded to the 1st Prize Ewe over one shear. The shearling gimmer from first time exhibitor, Robbie Jackson, was bred by M & R McCornick, Barquhill. Barquhill Faith is sired by Westbroad Diego and out of Kilroot Cinnamon.


Class 70: Ram of any age (10 Entries)

1st: Tiptop Charlie - 008/C00707, Mr Ali Jackson, Tiptop

2nd: Tardoes Fahrenheit – 005/F00683, Matthew Simpson, Tardoes

3rd: Westbroad Diego – 043/D00276, M & R McCornick, Barquhill

4th: Irongray Fred – 031/F00414, The Hiddleston Family, Irongray

5th: Lochlad Furtiveness – 001/F00427, A & P Parker, Lochlad

6th: Back Tor Funny Guy – 102/F00440, JM & LJ Girvan, Mossclair


Class 71: Ram Lamb bred by exhibitor (20 Entries)

1st: Irthing Valley Goliath – 056/G00325, Mr Nick Brown, Irthing Valley

2nd: Hazelberry Gambler – 017/G09719, Mr Callum Dodd, Hazelberry

3rd: Tiptop Gemini – 008/G01757, Mr Ali Jackson, Tiptop

4th: Hazelberry Gee Wizz – 017/G09718, Mr Callum Dodd, Hazelberry

5th: Sunnybank Geronimo – 214/G06004, Mr Henry Jewitt, Sunnybank

6th: Lochlad Gladiator – 001/G00565, A & P Parker, Lochlad


Class 72: Ewe over one shear (29 Entries)

1st: Barquhill Faith – 197/F05547, Mr Robbie Jackson, Rigghead

2nd: Barquhill Fay – 197/F05537, M & R McCornick, Barquhill

3rd: Wedderburn Flirty – 135/F03520, Mr Henry Jewitt, Sunnybank

4th: Tiptop Encor – 008/E01110, Mr Ali Jackson, Tiptop

5th: Sunnybank Fergie – 214/F05169, My Henry Jewitt, Sunnybank

6th: Barqhuill F – 197/F05544, M & R McCornick, Barquhill


Class 73: Ewe Lamb bred by Exhibitor (22 Entries)

1st: Sunnybank Good 4 U – 214/G06027, Mr Henry Jewitt, Sunnybank

2nd: Hazelberry Golden Girl – 017/G09716, Mr Callum Dodd, Hazelberry

3rd: Sunnybank Gin & Tonic – 214/G06008, Mr Henry Jewitt, Sunnybank

4th: Hazelberry Glamour – 017/G09720, Mr Callum Dodd, Hazelberry

5th: Tiptop Galeno – 008/G01753, Mr Ali Jackson, Tiptop

6th: Tiptop Gaara – 008/G01749, Mr Ali Jackson, Tiptop


Group of Three:
Mr Ali Jackson, Tiptop


Championship Results

Male Championship

Male Champion: 1st Prize Ram Lamb, Nick Brown – Irthing Valley

Reserve Male Champion: 1st Prize Ram of any age, Ali Jackson – Tiptop


Female Championship

Female Champion: 1st Prize Ewe over one shear, Mr Robbie Jackson – Rigghead

Reserve Female Champion: 1st Prize Ewe Lamb, Mr Henry Jewitt – Sunnybank


Overall Championship

Overall Champion: Female Champion – Mr Robbie Jackson

Overall Reserve Champion: Reserve Female Champion – Mr Henry Jewitt


Posted: 27 June 2023
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