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RWAS - Report

Breed Champion & Interbreed Champion - Barquhill Faith Reserve Overall & Reserve Female Champion - Sunnybank Good 4 U, Mr H Jewitt (Sunnybank)

History was made at this years’ Royal Welsh Agricultural Show when Barquhill Faith, exhibited by Robbie Jackson, was awarded Dutch Spotted Overall Champion. This resulted in Faith becoming a triple threat, having been overall breed Champion at RHS, GYS and RWAS. Faith didn’t stop there, she was then tapped forward as the Interbreed Sheep Champion.




Full Results:

Aged Ram

1st: Tiptop Charlie - 008/C00707, Ali Jackson, Tiptop

2nd: Wedderburn Dancer - 135/D03172, Miss B A Jones, Lower Argoed

3rd: Cnwch Emilio - 264/E08856, ARP & DR Wilson, Cnwch

4th: Mount Pleasant Denver - 057/D00966, Mr O Watson, C View

5th: Glencloy Colin - 075/C01195, Mr & Mrs Evans, Beacons

6th: Sunnybank Extreme - 214/E04730, D Mattia, How Caple



Shearling Ram (9 entries)

1st: C View Fredrick - 133/F00076, Mr O Watson, C View

2nd: Beacons Ferrari Dino - 070/F50495, Mr & Mrs Evans, Beacons

3rd: Vermeer - IM2473, Mr & Mrs Thomas, Saint Clear

4th: Celtic Firs - 246/F00034, W&S Workman, Celtic


Ram Lamb (20 entries)

1st: Whatmore Guiness - 287/G02675, Sarah Gibbons, Whatmore

2nd: Merryboro Golden Ticket - 060/G02479, T&L Nash, Merryboro

3rd: Wedderburn Golden Balls - 1 35/G03740, JDR & JL Corbett, Wedderburn

4th: Sunnybank Geronimo - 214/G06004, HJ Jewitt, Sunnybank

5th: Tiptop Gold Mine - 008/G01777, Ali Jackson, Tiptop

6th: Cnwch Gun Slinger - 254/G10419, ARP & DR Wilson, Cwnch


Aged Ewe (14 entries)

1st: Tiptop Encor - 008/E01110, Ali Jackson, Tiptop

2nd: Disco - IM0995, JDR & JL Corbett, Wedderburn

3rd: Beili Elliw - 299/E11266 - DL & BWH Jones, Beili

4th: Tiptop Dee Dee - 008/D00861, Ali Jackson, Tiptop

5th: Beacons Emma - 070/E43200, Mr & Mrs Evans, Beacons

6th: Dancing Queen - IM2152, Mr I Jones, Spot On


Shearling Ewe (31 entries)

1st: Barquhill Faith - 197/F05547, Robbie Jackson, Rigghead

2nd: Sunnybank Fergie - 214/F05169, Mr H Jewitt, Sunnybank

3rd: Whatmore Fancypant - 297/F02378, Mrs S Gibbons, Whatmore

4th: Merryboro Forever - 060/F02368, T & L Nash, Merryboro

5th: Cnwch Fleur-de-lys - 254/F09280, ARP & DR Wilson, Cnwch

6th: Beili Firework - 299/F11906, Mr & Mrs Jones, Beili


Ewe Lamb (29 Entries)

1st: Sunnybank Good 4 U - 214/G06027, Mr HJ Jewitt, Sunnybank

2nd: Whatmore Golden Delicious - 287/G02674, Mrs S Gibbons, Whatmore

3rd: Merryboro Golden Girl - 060/G02510, T & L Nash, Merryboro

4th: Dragon Gabby - 143/G03688, Mr G & K Williams, Dragon

5th: Cnwch Gypsy Queen - 254/G10404, ARP & DR Wilson, Cnwch

6th: Diamond Gabriella - 086/G01207, Mr HJ Jewitt, Sunnybank


Group of Three, one male & two females (7 entries)

1st: JDR & JL Corbett, Wedderburn

2nd: ARP & DR Wilson, Cnwch


Championship Results

Male Championship

Male Champion

1st Prize Ram Lamb - Mrs S Gibbons, Whatmore


Reserve Male Champion

1st Prize Aged Ram - Mr Ali Jackson – Tiptop


Female Championship

Female Champion

1st Prize Shearling Gimmer - Mr Robbie Jackson, Rigghead


Reserve Female Champion

1st Prize Ewe Lamb - Mr HJ Jewitt, Sunnybank


Overall Championship

Overall Champion

Female Champion – Mr Robbie Jackson, Rigghead


Reserve Overall Champion

Reserve Female Champion – Mr HJ Jewitt, Sunnybank



RWAS Interbreed Champion – Barquhill Faith

Posted: 27 July 2023
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